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Technology to Improve and Ensure Proper Diagnosis

Advances in dentistry occur daily, and Apple Tree Dental is committed to providing care that utilizes up-to-date technology to improve the overall patient experience.  Here are just a few that our patients appreciate.



We perform all procedures under magnification to aid in early detection of disease or other dental issues.  Early detection leads to less expensive solutions as problems are addressed before getting out of hand.

Intraoral Camera


A picture is worth a thousand words, so at Apple Tree Dental we supplement our patient education with magnified pictures from the patient’s own mouth.  Allowing you to see what we see clarifies treatment recommendations, simplifies explanations, and facilitates insurance authorizations.


Laser Detection of Cavities (DIAGNOdent)


Lasers have many uses in dentistry.  One use is to facilitate early detection of dental decay in difficult-to-diagnose areas.  Early detection allows for more conservative restorations, more confidence when "watching" a suspicious tooth, and often less or no anesthetic injection for treatment. Quick, painless, and objective, we feel the proper use of this technology makes diagnosis more consistent, evaluation more thorough,  and the overall patient experience better.

Computerized bite analysis (T-scan)


Have you ever had a tooth or filling break?  Recession or sensitive teeth? Chronic issues with your TMJ or headaches?  A crown that never felt quite right? Technological advances allow us to digitally record and analyze how your teeth come together, thus enhancing our ability to identify and resolve issues that contribute to the above mentioned problems and more.  We are dedicated to trying to address the true source of problems in order to improve outcomes, prevent future issues, and not just "put out fires".



Digital Radiography (X-Rays)


In an increasingly digital world, dental x-rays have improved dramatically.  Not only can they be taken with much less radiation exposure to the patient, but accuracy of diagnosis is improved as film clarity can be enhanced in numerous ways.



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