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Increased Comfort Through Technology

Advances in dentistry occur daily, and Apple Tree Dental is committed to providing care that utilizes up-to-date technology to improve the overall patient experience.  Here are just a few that our patients appreciate.

CO2 laser


There are numerous types of lasers available to dentists, and the CO2 laser is a high-end option that provides great benefits to the patient.  It can be used for treating cold sores, canker sores, or other painful spots, often relieving pain immediately.  It simplifies many soft tissue procedures such as biopsies, gingival (gum) surgeries, and freeing those who are tongue-tied.


Massaging Chairs


If you must be laying down for treatment, why not enjoy a gentle massage while we take care of you?  We take pride in changing people’s perception of what it means to “go to the dentist”.


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