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IV/Oral Conscious Sedation

For our patients who are either anxious about visiting the dentist or who are getting dental surgery will benefit from sedation. There are many forms of dental sedation including via inhalation, IV and mouth. At Apple Tree Dental, we use inhalation (aka nitrous oxide, “laughing gas”, or “happy gas”) and oral conscious sedation. This kind of sedation involves the administration of sedative drugs and medications. Patients who are administered this type of sedation may drift off to sleep, but remain conscious and can be woken up with a gentle touch.


We find that oral conscious sedation greatly benefits our patients for these reasons:


•  The ease of drug administration

•  It is greatly effective

•  Can make recovery time faster

•  Is accepted by patients

•  Patients have very little, if any, memory of the procedure

•  Lower cost

•  Patients are kept conscious during the procedure



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