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Coaching Soccer in Rexburg

November 20, 2018

I have always been a competitive person, but I never really got into soccer until I was stationed in Germany during my time in the Army. My son started playing quite a bit then, and it was really exciting seeing how much fun he had on the field. Now that we are here in Rexburg, my son wanted to be a part of the soccer leagues here. When I was looking into signing my son up the league was in need of coaches. I decided, why not? It would be a great opportunity for my son and I to spend time together, and I would be able to help out in the community. So, I found some time and took on the position of assistant coach.

I often think kids are spending too much time indoors on a comuter, iPad, PlayStation, or whatever new electronic is coming out. When I was a kid, my mom would have to scream at me to come inside for dinner. Now Mom’s are screaming in the house telling their kids to let go of the remote and get outside. Being able to get outside with these kids and help train them to work together and compete was rewarding. Don’t get me wrong, with this age group it felt kind of like herding cats at first. Schools are over and they mostly just want to socialize, but as the season progressed, they got their heads into the game, and I was proud to see how far each boy came.

My favorite memory was a game that we didn’t think we would win. During this particular game we were having a really hard time scoring, but just before the second half, my son scored a goal. The next half of most games our team is normally worn down, but not this half. The boys focused in and pushed it harder than I had seen them push before. They all were just really excited and did such a great job when we were far behind. I even heard one boy excitedly say, “Just kick it out of here and don’t let anything by. We’re about to win!”

Not every game ends with a win, and they don’t need to, but being out there helping these boys build discipline and coordination was quite rewarding. So if you are ever out by fields near Maverick on Main Street here is Rexburg during soccer season. Being looking out for my team and feel free to say hello!

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  -Sky B. Sessions, DDS