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Oral Surgery

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Oral surgery is necessary for patients who need teeth extractions or more extensive dental work done in order to restore their teeth and gums. While we try every option to address a patient’s dental problem before surgery is needed, sometimes it can’t be avoided. Dr. Michael Larsen and Dr. Sky Sessions at Apple Tree Dental have advanced training and experience performing oral surgery, allowing patients to rest assured that they are in good hands. We utilize the latest dental technology to give our patients the most accurate diagnosis and maximum comfort. Patients who undergo oral surgery are often sedated to minimize pain or discomfort. 

Oral surgery may be recommended for the following: 
•  Wisdom teeth
•  Missing teeth
•  Impacted teeth due to wisdom teeth eruption or general
•  Tooth overcrowding•  Unable to wear dentures comfortably
•  Unequal jaw growth
•  Suspicious lesion removal
•  Snoring or sleep apnea problems

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