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Get Your Kids Excited

February 16, 2017

It’s that time again. Time for your family’s six month dental cleanings and check-up. It can be hard to motivate yourself to go to the dentist, but you make yourself go because you know that these check-ups are vital for your dental health. It can be a challenge communicating the benefits of regular dental visits to children. Many children fear going to the dentist and will put up a fuss. Trying to get children excited about going to the dentist can very well be much like pulling teeth. What can you do to get your children excited about going to the dentist? Here are some ideas:

  1. Start Early

Caring for your child’s teeth and gums begin as early as a few days after birth. Parents should take their children in for their initial dental exam by the age of one. Being consistent and brining your child into the dental office every six months, starting at an early age will get your child accustomed to visiting the dentist. The earlier children start going to regular dental visits, the more comfortable they will feel with the dentist, and check-up procedure which will reduce their anxiety.

  1. Good Dental Care Habits

Children will be more comfortable (and even excited) about visiting the dentist when all they hear is praise. The dentist won’t give such a glowing report if good dental care habits aren’t regularly practiced at home.

  1. Educate Your Children

It may sound nerdy, but stopping by a local library and reading books or listening to audio books about what a dentist is, what instruments are used in regular cleanings and exams and what will happen during a dental check-up, will lower your children’s’ anxiety because they will know what to expect. Who knows, maybe it will inspire one of your children to become a dentist himself.

  1. Offer a Reward

The good old bribe, never gets old. When your child gets through a dental check-up without a meltdown or a complaint, reward him or her with something you know they can’t say “no” to. Your child will then begin to associate going to the dentist with something fun or yummy.

  1. Choose a Quality Pediatric Dentist

Many children’s’ fear of the dentist come from dental offices that are cold, unwelcoming and boring and being ushered around by dentists and staff who are unfriendly, hurried and inattentive to their uneasiness. Your child will be more likely to enjoy going to the dentist if the dental office and dental staff are kid-friendly. Apple Tree Dental is a friendly family dentist in in Rexburg, Idaho. Our professional dental staff has been meeting the dental needs for families in nearby areas while offering a comfortable and caring environment. We know that your child may be nervous about going to the dentist. We strive to accommodate for even the youngest and most anxious patients so their dental experience (and their family’s) can be as enjoyable and fun as possible. If you’re looking for a quality pediatric dentist, contact us at Apple Tree Dental to set up an appointment.