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Happy Autumn from Apple Tree

November 7, 2017
Apple Tree Dental Family Photo

We hope that you’re having a wonderful Autumn!  The leaves have been beautiful, the weather has been warm, and the festivities plentiful.  Time to warm up the hot chocolate and gather around the fireplace!

Sky Sessions Family Photo
Photo of Sky Sessions

Welcome to Dr. Sessions        

You’ve probably noticed we have another doctor in the office, Dr. Sky Sessions!  We’re so glad to have him, and of course Dr. Larsen isn’t going anywhere. Allow us to introduce Dr. Sessions if you haven’t met him yet. Dr. Sessions was born and raised here in Rexburg, and his beautiful wife, Marianne, is from Idaho Falls!  He’s spent almost the past 10 years away from home in Milwaukee, Ft. Sill Oklahoma, and Germany.  As you might guess he was a dentist for the US Army.   We’re all excited to have him! He did an AEGD residency (Advanced Education in General Dentistry).  He trained with all the dental specialists, two oral surgeons, two endodontists, a prosthodontist, a periodontist, and two comprehensive dentists. This means he is removing wisdom teeth with IV sedation, placing implants, and doing complex root canals.  He even trained in Amsterdam for orthodontics, so he’s been teaching our dental assistants to do braces! You can see why Dr. Larsen is thrilled to have him in the office.  Now Dr. Larsen has more time to focus on his patients affected with Sleep Apnea.  Many people can’t tolerate a CPAP and Dr. Larsen has had great success in helping those patients. (see below)

Photo of Dr. Larsen
Photo of Apple Tree Dental Building
Photo of Sky Sessions Family
Another Photo of Sky Sessions Family
Photo of Dr. Larsen Family

Expiring Insurance Benefits

As this year winds down don’t forget that once the clock ticks past December 31st your insurance benefits will be gone for the year.  The sad part is that your investment on insurance is completely lost when unused. Insurance companies don’t refund unused premiums.  It’s estimated that only 22% of Americans fully use those benefits.  If Dr. Larsen or Dr. Sessions have recommended fillings, crowns, or other dental treatment then let’s finalize it before the clock expires.

Wisdom Teeth Time

The Autumn break makes a great time to have your wisdom teeth removed.  With our IV sedation options you’ll be comfortable and have a quicker recovery!  Don’t wait to schedule - these spots fill up quickly!

Photo of Hailee Nickerson

Welcome to Hailee Nickerson

Hailee is welcoming you at the front desk and even assisting in the back office.  Hailee joined us in October and was recently married this Autumn.  We’re so glad to welcome her and her husband, Nick!      

Sleep Apnea Appliances

Woman covering ears with pillow

Do you or someone you know have the following? -Daytime sleepiness -Snoring -Clenching or grinding of teeth For some time, Dr. Larsen has been successfully working with patients who struggle with sleep apnea.  Since early warning signs appear orally, dentists can play a key role in identifying those who may unknowingly have this life-threatening disease. When new or existing patients have signs or symptoms that put them at risk of a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, Apple Tree Dental provides courtesy overnight monitoring of blood oxygen levels to help in deciding if further sleep testing would be recommended. Perhaps you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea.  Depending on the severity, fabrication of an oral sleep appliance by a dentist trained to do so is a great option for those who are not wanting to use a CPAP machine. Ask us today how dentistry can help you sleep better, have more energy, and improve your overall health!

Sedation Dentistry - Reduce your anxiety today!

Your mouth is one of the most intimate parts of your body.  It’s natural to be apprehensive about having dental work done.  Does your heart race when you’re thinking about a visit to the dentist?  Does it take you extra time to work up the nerve to walk into the office?  Well, worry no more!  Dr. Sessions is trained in IV sedation and can take the fear out of going to the dentist.  Imagine taking all the anxiety out of the picture.  We can do that for you! Most dental work can be done in one or two office visits!  Mention that you heard about it in this newsletter and we will apply $100 towards a sedation! |

teeth whitening photo


With all the Autumn photo opportunities and holidays coming up you might want to schedule a time to brighten your smile!  It’s never been easier to whiten your teeth and get that brighter smile you’re looking for.

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