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Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Your Teeth

February 12, 2022

We are lucky to live in a day and age where taking care of our teeth is so easily accessible. Our smiles are one of the first things people notice, and our teeth are directly related to our body's overall health! We have compiled a fascinating list of facts about your teeth that you may not know about. You might learn a thing or two!

We are born with 20 primary teeth

Everyone is born with 20 baby teeth below the gumline. Each baby tooth will emerge as they develop, and each baby tooth will eventually fall out-which is entirely normal and expected. After which, a permanent tooth grows in its place. Full-grown adults have 32 teeth.

The first pair of teeth grow in around 6-12 months

Generally, the first teeth to appear are the lower center incisors, which emerge at approximately six months of age.  The upper incisors usually follow at around 12 months of age.

The first toothbrushes were twigs

Early people would chew on a branch from an apple tree or any other type of plant with soft leaves that had enough texture to scrub teeth. That was until someone discovered how well abrasive substances like ground seashells worked for brushing away plaque and tartar buildup (even though it may have tasted terrible). You might think this sounds gross, but back then, there weren't many options for personal hygiene products available-so people made do with what they had!

Teeth can't repair themselves

Teeth can't repair themselves because the tooth enamel, the hard outer layer of teeth, doesn't contain any living cells. Therefore, if the enamel is damaged or lost, it can't grow back on its own. That's why it's so important to take good care of your teeth by brushing and flossing regularly and seeing a "dentist near me" for checkups!

Teeth have a 200-pound bite force

Did you know that your teeth can exert a bite force of up to 200 pounds? That's more than enough to crush a can! While this may not seem like much in comparison to the power of other animals' teeth, it's still pretty impressive when you think about how small and fragile our human teeth are. This is one of the reasons why it's so important to take good care of them by brushing and flossing regularly!

Teeth aren't bones

Teeth are actually made of a calcified tissue called dentin. The hard outer layer of teeth is called enamel, and it's the part that we see when we smile. The tooth root is located below the gum line and is attached to the jawbone. Dentists refer to the entire tooth-including the root and enamel-as a "tooth unit."  Dentists also refer to teeth as an organ because they're kind of like your body's equivalent of a coral reef: all the parts work together to protect and support each other (in this case, the "reef" is made up of gums and bone). So, like our bones, we need special minerals in our diet to help keep them strong!

Brushing your teeth can reduce your risk of heart disease

One of the ways brushing your teeth can reduce your risk of heart disease is by preventing bacteria from building up and causing inflammation in the gums and periodontal disease. Studies have shown that the severity of atherosclerosis is linearly related to tooth loss, which often results from the breakdown of periodontal tissue caused by periodontal disease. Therefore, brushing your teeth regularly helps keep your gums healthy and reduces inflammation.

Check out this blog for more tips on how to brush your teeth correctly!

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