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Preventive Dentistry - At Home and More!

April 11, 2019

Preventive dentistry is a form of education, practice, and maintenance to keep your teeth and gums healthy and your breath fresh. Did you know that most dental care occurs right in the walls of your own home? Daily brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash all contribute to the overall goals of preventive dentistry. These daily cleaning procedures are vital to the health of your teeth and gums and help to prevent further problems in your oral health. According to a survey published by Delta Dental, nearly seven out of 10 Americans brush their teeth at least twice a day, so more than 30 percent aren’t brushing sufficiently. 30% of 330 million Americans is way too many Americans not brushing their teeth enough!

Preventive dentistry is about education

As with other forms of education, studying the effects of poor oral health can lead to a better understanding of what is actually happening in your mouth. For instance, here’s a snippet from an article at MedicalNewsToday: ”The immune system attacks bacteria as the plaque spreads below the gum line into the pockets. Bone and connective tissue that hold the tooth start to break down, because of toxins produced by the bacteria. Teeth become loose and can fall out. The changes may be irreversible.” From this article, we learn that it is possible to lose our teeth if we fail in the daily routines of brushing and flossing ourselves. Learning about the effects of gum diseases, like periodontitis, can motivate someone to avoid ever having that happen to them. One of the easiest ways to prevent periodontitis is daily brushing or preventive dentistry. It is truly amazing!

So where does a dentist fit in with preventive dentistry?

Daily brushing and flossing can do a lot of good, but when there is sensitivity or a cavity that appears, it is important to visit a dentist so that they can help remedy the situation and provide a plan of action to get your oral health back on track. Make sure not to wait too long because the more time that passes in between visits can lead to bacteria spreading to other areas of the mouth.

One of the best ways to prevent problems in the mouth is to visit your dentist at least twice a year. These visits are routine and allow the dentist to identify potential problem areas as well as help fix them early on.

That is where we here at Apple Tree Dental Rexburg come into play. Our services range from preventive checkups and cleanings to cosmetic dentistry and wisdom teeth removal and so much more! If you are looking to improve your oral health, we are here to help you get back into shape. Our state-of-the-art technology is constantly being upgraded and our techniques are always up-to-date to give you the absolute best experience possible.

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