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Removing Wisdom Teeth at the Right Time Will Save You a Lot of Pain

April 16, 2021

Removing Wisdom Teeth at the Right Time Will Save You a Lot of Pain

Wisdom teeth extraction surgery is necessary for individuals with third molars (a.k.a. wisdom teeth) that erupt abnormally, causing pain and/or other possible dental problems such as infection, cysts, tooth decay, crowding of teeth, or disruption to surrounding teeth.

When you go to the dentist, and they tell you it is time to get your wisdom teeth removed, you should take their advice and schedule an appointment to get those teeth out! Even though it may seem like a pain to have these teeth surgically removed, they may cause you even more pain if you don’t have them taken out at the right time. 

The recommended age to have your wisdom teeth removed is between ages 16 and 20. During those years, your dentist will be able to evaluate your teeth and let you know when exactly would be the best time to have your wisdom teeth removed. No two people have the same teeth, so the only way to know when your specific set of wisdom teeth are ready to be removed is to ask your dentist.

If you let your wisdom teeth continue to grow instead of having them removed at the appropriate age, there may be insufficient room for them. As your wisdom teeth try to surface, they can push your other teeth out of place, causing crowding and overlapping teeth. When your teeth crowd in your mouth, it makes cleaning them extremely difficult. Your back teeth may start to decay and eventually you may need to have those teeth removed and get implants in their place. The pain caused by going this route is not fun. Not to mention, implants can be quite costly. If it’s not the pain you are worried about, keep in mind that getting your wisdom teeth out at the appropriate time will save you a significant amount of money as well. 

If you feel nervous about coming in for your wisdom teeth surgery, we hope it calms the nerves to know that Dr. Michael Larsen and Dr. Sky Sessions at Apple Tree Dental - Rexburg Dentist have advanced training and experience in performing oral surgery. We utilize the latest dental technology to give our patients the most accurate diagnosis and maximum comfort. For example, employing CBCT technology (a 3D x-ray machine), we are able to visualize critical nerves and structures in relation to the wisdom teeth to guide surgery more safely.  Between our doctors’ extensive experience and utilization of dental technology, you can be confident that you are in good hands at Apple Tree Dental. 

If you have any questions about when you should have your wisdom teeth extracted, give us a call and set up a consultation. We can help you understand your options and see if extraction is right for you.