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What Are The Worst and Best Foods For Healthy Teeth You May Not Know About

August 12, 2019

Our world revolves around food. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are the three most important parts of our day and are essential to our wellbeing. Although many people know what is healthy and what is unhealthy, many people don't know what is right for their teeth and what is not. Just like your body, your teeth react differently to certain foods. It is beneficial to understand what foods will harm your teeth and which can help them. Avoiding specific foods can help prevent cavities and other ailments to your teeth. So here are some foods to put on your dental radar you may not have known about.   

Is Fruit Juice Bad For Your Teeth? 

Fruit juice is a common household beverage that can be drunk at any time throughout the day. Before you start chugging down bottles of apple juice, let's talk about the effects this substance has on your teeth. The sugar contained in fruit juice is very high and can be harmful to the teeth and the rest of your mouth. When the sugar from these substances is combined with bacteria from the teeth, it creates a harmful acid that can cause cavities and plaque to form. This bacteria will stick to the surface of the tooth and if not taken care of, can cause gum irritation, gum disease, and in extreme cases, the loss of the tooth. It is important to limit your intake of fruit juices and brush very well when you do decide to drink them.   


Is Citrus Bad For Your teeth?

Although citrus contains plenty of Vitamin C and can be healthy for you in many ways, its acidic nature can cause harm to your teeth. The acid from citrus substances can cause the enamel on the teeth to wear down and erode over time. Areas of the tooth with eroded enamel may become sensitive and discolored and can require extensive work to be fixed if not taken care of immediately. We are not saying to stop eating your daily orange, but we are saying you may want to brush your teeth after eating that juicy snack.

A Sample of Foods That May Help Boost Your Teeth

But just like the unhealthy substances, there is also food for healthy teeth and good oral hygiene. Foods that are high in calcium and protein are very beneficial to the health of your teeth. Yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products are an example of this. Eating cheese can raise the PH level of your mouth, making acidity less of a risk while yogurt provides healthy probiotics that can crowd out the unhealthy bacteria and therefore defend against cavities and erosion. Things such as vegetables and greens also contain healthy vitamins and calcium that your body can't get any other way.

Many parents wonder if milk is bad for children's teeth and the answer to that would be, “What time of day is it?” Milk is an excellent substance for the teeth, especially for children whose chompers are still developing. However, milk does have lactose, which is actually a sugar.  Giving a child milk in their bed basically leads to bathing the teeth in sugar all night long, which puts them at high risk of dental decay.  A good rule of thumb is to make sure that the last thing that touches your teeth before sleeping is your toothbrush!