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Your One Stop Dental Office In Rexburg ID

January 23, 2017

Looking for a Rexburg Idaho dentist office that combines experience,  a commitment to technology, and continuing education can be hard to come by.  This is especially true when you want comprehensive dental services. Many experienced dentists are set in their ways and are slow to adopt new dental technology. This can put the patient at a great dis-service. Sometimes, the older the technology, the longer and more discomfort and inaccuracy of diagnosis will result. How We Utilize the Latest Dental Technology At Apple Tree Dental, our reason for using the latest dental technology is two-fold. We recognize the connection between advanced dental technology and the comfort of our patients. We also realize the necessity of advanced dental technology for accurate diagnosis of dental health issues. The technology utilized by Dr. Larsen provides comfort to our patients.  This happens before and during their dental procedures. If you experience the jitters before treatment, we offer sedation dentistry as well as massaging dental chairs. During a dental procedure, you can experience a dramatic decrease in pain and discomfort through the use of the DentalVibe shot pain reducer and the CO2 Laser that immediately eliminates sore spots and minor sores in and around the mouth. We strive to give our patients the most pleasant dental visit possible. Most of all our office is a place of relaxation, not a place to fear. Our office utilizes the latest dental technology to ensure your comfort and proper diagnosis of any dental issue. We also commit to learning the most up-to-date best dental practices and techniques.  As a result we can offer you comprehensive dental services. Dr. Larsen and his staff regularly read and study to continue their dental education. We feel our patients deserve the highest quality dental care. This includes staying up-to-date on dental procedures and utilizing the latest dental technology. Have Your Dental Health Needs Met at an Experienced Dentist Office Dr. Larsen and the team at Apple Tree Dental have over 150 years of combined experience. We have worked for and established multiple private dental practices. Even with advanced degrees in dentistry, Dr. Larsen continues to educate himself in order to utilize newer and better ways to treat each patient’s dental needs.

Comprehensive Dental Services 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have your oral surgery at the same place you get your fillings? Wouldn't it also be great to get your sleep aid appliance in the same place where your teeth are cleaned? At Apple Tree Dental, your family can enjoy that convenience. We provide a wide range of preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental services. Also we are one of the few dental offices that are trained and certified to perform oral surgery.  Because we offer all these services in combination with sedation dentistry, we  truly offer comprehensive dental services. Whether you need a routine teeth cleaning or a root canal or want to enhance your appearance with a cosmetic dental procedure, we at Apple Tree Dental can help. Call us today to set up an appointment today. https://m.facebook.com/appletreedental/http://www.rexburgappletreedental.com